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Precision Medicine
Variants, Vaccines and Vigilance
An updated look at circulating SARS-CoV-2 variants, with a dose of more effective vaccine booster scheduling, tailored by Houston Methodist researchers applying Mathematics in Medicine.
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Precise measurements of the aortic morphologies are crucial for optimal endograft sizing
A retrospective study at Houston Methodist has identified the area of the aorta as the most important parameter to measure for endograft sizing to treat ascending thoracic aorta pathologies.
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RNA therapeutics have the potential to transform standard patient care and actualize personalized medicine
RNA as a therapeutic molecule holds great power and the potential to alter the standard of care for patients, actualize personalized medicine, and have diverse applications.
New theranostic shows promise for treating triple-negative breast cancer
The radiolabeled 64Cu/177Lu-DOTA-diZD small synthetic molecule revolutionizes treatment strategies for primary and metastatic tumors in aggressive triple-negative breast cancer by targeting angiogenic receptors.
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Interleukin 9 secreting polarized T cells show potential in solid and liquid tumor treatment
A cancer patient’s T cells, engineered to carry a receptor found on the surface of malignant cells, can aggressively attack tumors - with the potential to revolutionize solid tumor treatment.
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Carfilzomib therapy may enhance longevity in lung transplant recipients
Carfilzomib therapy shows potential in improving patient outcomes and longevity.
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