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Outcomes Research & Medical Innovation
RFID Technology: The Future of Health Care Asset Management?
Houston Methodist researchers evaluate a novel technology that could improve patient outcomes and hospital cost savings.
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Role of RNA helicase DEAH-box helicase 15 (DHX15) in RNA virus-induced intestinal inflammation
How the enteric virome influences human health and disease is poorly understood. Studies on the RNA helicase DEAH-box helicase 15 (DHX15) reveals its essential role in controlling RNA virus-induced intestinal inflammation.
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SARS-CoV-2 induced chronic oxidative stress and endothelial cell inflammation may increase likelihood of cardiovascular diseases and respiratory failure
SARS-CoV-2 infection might induce chronic oxidative stress and endothelial activation resulting in long-term consequences including several cardiovascular complications - even in recovering COVID-19 patients.
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Transplants can boost survival rate of patients with unresectable liver cancers
Transplant oncology is a growing and rapidly evolving field in cancer therapy. For people with unresectable liver cancer, a Houston Methodist study finds that successful transplants can dramatically improve their 5-year survival rate.
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Thwarting T cells’ fatty acid uptake near tumors may boost immunotherapy efficacy
An upregulation of cell membrane protein CD36 could be why CD8+ T cells consume more fatty acids from tumor microenvironments. As a result, they eventually lose their anti-tumor function. Hence, blocking this receptor could restore T cell action and potentially boost immunotherapies.
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Houston Methodist-developed algorithm may  improve management and outcomes in critically ill COVID-19 patients
A novel clinical decision-making algorithm developed at Houston Methodist has the potential to enhance the safety and quality of life of COVID-19 ICU patients via physical therapy intervention.
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Houston Methodist and Pennsylvania State University Collaborate on a Smartphone App That Could Revolutionize Stroke Diagnosis
A novel smartphone app developed in collaboration with researchers at Pennsylvania State University uses a machine learning algorithm for computer-aided evaluation of facial movement weaknesses and speech in patients to determine the presence of stroke.
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Houston Methodist Researchers Are Developing Mobile Apps to Improve Clinical Outcomes in Patients
Houston Methodist researchers are developing patient-facing apps that will provide the supporting evidence needed to better understand their effectiveness.
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COVID-19 Effects on College Students
Texas interview study explores COVID-19 effects on college students’ mental health
Practicing Bikram “hot” yoga does not significantly increase yoga’s health benefits
Investigators’ research showed there is little evidence to support these claims.
Bone Health in Elite Dancers
A study by investigators at Houston Methodist into stress fractures among elite, professional ballet dancers
Why are children less susceptible to COVID-19?
Children, in contrast to adults, are known to be highly susceptible to bacterial and viral infections. However, with COVID-19, the reverse appears to be true.
Social factors have role in preventing spread of COVID-19
Social determinants play a factor in whether a person with heart disease adapted the necessary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19
Understanding Long-Covid: The Clue May Lie in The Gut
A research team led by Sonia Villapol, PhD, is diligently working to understand the phenomenon of ‘long COVID’
Setting the Benchmark for Research on Provider Stress
Wearable technologies provide key to better supporting health care providers under stress
A Learning Healthcare System Takes on COVID-19
CURATOR offers an informatics driven approach to evidence synthesis