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Cleveland Clinic’s Troy Woodard Finds Houston Methodist’s Dissection Course a Mutually Beneficial Experience

Otolaryngology dissection courses are taught nationwide and provide residents and fellows with practical hands-on experience and networking opportunities. The speakers at these courses highlight the value of hands-on learning and the benefits of networking for professional growth. Houston Methodist has offered a dissection course for four years. This year, Troy Woodard, MD, of Cleveland Clinic, was an invited guest.
Troy Woodard, MD
Woodard is the section head of the Rhinology Sinus and Skull Base section and director of the Cleveland Clinic’s skull base fellowship. He also is president-elect of the American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery. He’s been at Cleveland Clinic for 15 years, where he teaches the next generation of otolaryngologists. “I love teaching, coaching and mentoring the next generation of otolaryngologists and that's what fills my cup,” Woodard said.
Woodard said he was amazed at the high level of Houston Methodist’s course. The course was geared towards residents, but the quality of the speakers, the equipment and the lab space were on par with national courses, Woodard said. The course also demonstrates collaboration with resident education. “The surgeons and attendings both get something out of this course. The residents get practical hands-on experience where they can refine their skills under the guidance of an experienced surgeon. But I also think that the instructors are able to spread their knowledge and continue to network with students, which can help build future collaborations. I think it also forces us as instructors to stay up to date on the latest research and procedures. So I think it's mutually beneficial,” he said. Already, some residents have reached out to him about getting involved with the Cleveland Clinic and also for tips and directions on becoming more engaged with the national society. Would Woodard return to Houston Methodist to teach a course? “Oh, yeah, if I'm invited, absolutely.”