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Houston Methodist welcomes undergrads and high school students for unparalleled summer research internships

While the end of summer isn’t bringing cooler temperatures this year, we can celebrate the culmination of another successful summer of internships at Houston Methodist. This year, all summer internships were folded under the umbrella of the Education Institute, Office of Graduate Studies and Trainee Affairs, with interns from all across the system. Applications were submitted from around the country and Houston Methodist welcomed 124 interns into several programs including the DEI Scholars, the Fields Rosenberg Surgical Fellowship, the Kadoorie Cardiovascular Internship, the Rising Stars Surgical Internship, the Summer Internship Program for High Schoolers, the Summer Undergrad Research Internship and HMH Summer Operations and Administrative Interns. In addition, all interns received a stipend this year, an indication of Houston Methodist’s continued commitment to the programs.
Each summer program provides an unparalleled opportunity for interns to engage with leaders in their fields and gain first-hand experience that will help guide them on their future paths. The Fields Rosenberg Surgical Fellowship was created by Wade Rosenberg, MD, and provides an unparalleled experience for undergraduate students to shadow specialists in neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgery, and more. The Kadoorie Cardiovascular Internship program provides valuable clinical exposure to sophomore and junior undergraduate students who are preparing to become competitive medical school applicants, successful providers, and future leaders of medicine. The Summer Internship Program for High Schoolers gives high school students an introduction to translational research while providing insights into the research process and academic career paths taken by Houston Methodist's esteemed graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. The Houston Methodist Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Summer Scholarship Program is a hands-on and immersive 10-week experience designed to broaden intern perspectives of career possibilities in the healthcare industry. The full-time program allows scholars to work with their preceptor in a non-clinical department to learn more about operations and career opportunities in health care. The Summer Undergrad Research Internship — SURI — is an intensive, rigorous 10-week program, pairing college undergrads with Houston Methodist faculty mentors. SURI helps turn highly motivated students into promising future scientists by providing opportunities for early professional development and career experience in translational research.
My time at the Roy lab continues to be a remarkable learning experience, and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with such a diverse and unparalleled team of mentors
Fouzul Kansul
SURI intern and symposium speaker
Interns and faculty 2023 MAPTA Summer science symposium. Photo by Jose. Hernandez.
For all interns, summer internships include events such as a welcome reception, guest speaker presentations, professional development sessions and other social activities that allow trainees to grow professionally and develop a peer network in their chosen fields. Some of the summer programs culminate in a poster symposium where students present their experiences and/or results to many of Houston Methodist's leading scientists and physicians. The programs also give interns a preview of the graduate school or medical school experience and enrich student readiness for the rewarding yet challenging realities of post-high school biomedical and healthcare programs. Previous interns speak highly of the experience. Fouzul Kansul a biomedical engineering student at Texas A&M participated for the second consecutive year. “My time at the Roy lab continues to be a remarkable learning experience, and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with such a diverse and unparalleled team of mentors. The Houston Methodist internship has allowed me to explore a medical field that I was previously unfamiliar with and gain invaluable hands-on experience as a researcher,” Kansul said. Kansul was also asked to give an oral presentation at the 2023 Methodist Association for Postdoctoral and Trainee Affairs (MAPTA) Summer Science Symposium. She spoke about her research into sex-based disparities among patients with peripheral arterial disease.
Fouzul Kansul speaking at the 2023 MAPTA Summer Science Symposium.
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SURI provides students interested in pursuing a career in translational science or healthcare with a prime opportunity to foster their academic interests and ambitions. We are excited to follow our 2023 interns as they begin the next phase of their educational journeys, knowing their experience at Houston Methodist has helped prepare them for success. Further information on Houston Methodist’s summer internship programs may be found here.
Heather Lander, PhD
August 2023
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