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Mitchell Slater Testimonial

First off, I would like to give Dr. Todd Trask, MD, Dr. Wade Rosenberg, MD, the OGSTA Team, and the Department of Neurosurgery a massive thank you for having me as a Rosenberg Surgical Fellow this summer.
During this 10-week internship, I have been able to diversify not only my understanding of the field of Neurosurgery but also my passion for medicine. With every coming day, I was offered new opportunities to attain hands-on experience in both the operating room and the clinic, which is something that you cannot say about many other pre-medical internships in the nation. Dr. Trask gave me opportunities to learn in the operating room by providing detailed analysis of his actions and gave me the confidence to give a detailed presentation in front of many surgeons about one of the surgeries I enjoyed scrubbing into and assisting.
I was able to sit in on many different Neurosurgical lectures, which helped further my understanding of the anatomy involved with Neurosurgery and the vernacular used to describe different diseases and pathologies. This internship has made me a more desirable medical school applicant and a more well-informed future physician. For those who wish to attend medical school and are considering becoming a surgeon, there is no better internship to apply for in hopes of attaining a spot.