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Outcomes Research & Medical Innovation
COVID-19 Effects on College Students
Texas interview study explores COVID-19 effects on college students’ mental health
Practicing Bikram “hot” yoga does not significantly increase yoga’s health benefits
Investigators’ research showed there is little evidence to support these claims.
Bone Health in Elite Dancers
A study by investigators at Houston Methodist into stress fractures among elite, professional ballet dancers
Why are children less susceptible to COVID-19?
Children, in contrast to adults, are known to be highly susceptible to bacterial and viral infections. However, with COVID-19, the reverse appears to be true.
Social factors have role in preventing spread of COVID-19
Social determinants play a factor in whether a person with heart disease adapted the necessary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19
Understanding Long-Covid: The Clue May Lie in The Gut
A research team led by Sonia Villapol, PhD, is diligently working to understand the phenomenon of ‘long COVID’
Setting the Benchmark for Research on Provider Stress
Wearable technologies provide key to better supporting health care providers under stress
A Learning Healthcare System Takes on COVID-19
CURATOR offers an informatics driven approach to evidence synthesis
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