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Innovative Education

MITIESM: Hub of Innovation

The Houston Methodist Institute for Technology, Innovation & Education (MITIESM) fosters collaboration among researchers, educators and clinicians from across Houston Methodist and with extramural innovators and industry partners

Education Simulation at MITIE offers a procedural and clinical simulation environment for education and research, including a virtual hospital and procedural skills labs that support evidence-based practice. The Houston Methodist Institute for Robotics, Imaging and Navigation connects conceptualization to rapid prototyping related to robotics. It can identify needs for specific robotics projects and support clinicians and care teams as they transform ideas into products and processes. The Center for Rapid Device Translation connects industry with subject matter experts in clinical and translational medicine to collaborate on preclinical device development and good laboratory practice to meet regulatory standards and achieve FDA approval. As a platform for connecting clinical innovators and industry partners alike, MITIE offers Houston Methodist’s Centers of Excellence an entry point to innovation when encountering a clinical challenge. It provides resources to develop a device concept or prototype, and opportunities for industry collaboration and novel procedural development. Relationship building between industry partners and clinical experts increases access to licensing and commercialization and encourages rapid development of technologies in the research pipeline. Ultimately, these advances support new educational initiatives, while continuing to seed collaborations with clinicians, researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs that drive development of technologies to shape the hospital of the future.
July 2022
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