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Innovative Education
Jones Futures Academy gives high school students a running start to a medical profession
Jones Futures Academy is a high school within the Houston Independent School District. Its students fulfill high school graduation requirements while simultaneously earning industry certifications, college credits and an Associate of Arts degree. The Houston Methodist Academic Institute (HMAI) is one of the Futures Academy program’s industry partners and provides students an opportunity to embark on a course of study to learn valuable skills that, upon completion of the program, will make them hirable as well as academically advanced for those who choose to continue their education.
Jones Futures Academy First Day
There are 40 students enrolled in the HMAI program, who participate in virtual learning activities twice a week. Hands-on learning and experience include lectures, demonstrations, career panels, and more. The practicum is taken concurrently with Health Science classroom instruction for high school seniors and offers career exploration and research exposure. The Fall 2021 curriculum includes Personal Management, Career Preparation and Career Pathways in Healthcare; the Fall Project will be Selecting a Career in Healthcare. The Spring 2022 focus will be in Communication and Career Preparation & Employability and will include a Service Learning Group Project.
November 2021
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