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Houston Methodist’s recent presentations at COSM

At the May 2023 meeting of the COSM (Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meeting) in Boston, Houston Methodist Department of Otolaryngology — Head & Neck Surgery had its strongest presence to date with poster and podium presentations. This included recognition with a second place award in poster presentations for the Triological Society. Specific titles and researchers involved in podium and poster presentations were:
Podium presentations
Triological Society
Improvement of Postnasal Drip and Chronic Cough Outcomes in Chronic Rhinitis Patients Treated with Temperature-controlled Radiofrequency Neurolysis of the Posterior Nasal Nerve
Daniel Gorelik, BS,1 Jumah G. Ahmad, MD,2 Samuel E. Razmi, BS,3 Masayoshi Takashima, MD,1 Yin Yiu MD,1 Apurva Thekdi MD,1 Murugappan Ramanathan Jr, MD,4 Michael T. Yim MD,5 Omar G. Ahmed, MD1
The purpose of the study was to evaluate the contribution of postnasal drip (PND) and chronic cough (CC) to the symptomatology of patients with chronic rhinitis treated with temperature-controlled radiofrequency neurolysis of the posterior nasal nerve and correlate PND and CC scores with components of the reflective total nasal symptom score.
American Rhinologic Society
Association between ambient temperature and chronic rhinosinusitis
Runming Du MSc,1 Wangteng Jiao MPH1, Junxiong Ma PhD1, Qinfeng Zhou PhD1, Zhi-Sheng Liang MSc1, Shengzhi Sun PhD2, Omar G. Ahmed MD3, Nicholas R. Rowan MD4, Jayant M. Pinto MD5, Murugappan Ramanathan Jr. MD4, Zhenyu Zhang PhD1,6
The purpose of the study was to investigate the association between high ambient temperature exposure and the risk of developing CRS in patients who visited the Johns Hopkins hospitals in the Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area. It was hypothesized that a positive association exists between high ambient temperature exposure and the development of CRS.
ARS Panel: Acute Invasive Fungal Sinusitis: Management in the Current Era.
Presenter: Mas Takashima, MD
The focus of the presentation was to discuss management of acute invasive fungal sinusitis and to discuss diagnosis of the disease.
American Broncho-Esophagological Association
ABEA Scientific Session IV: Diagnostics.
Moderator: Yin Yiu, MD
The focus of this oral session was to highlight presentations related to existing diagnostic tools as well as novel devices for evaluating airway and laryngeal concerns.
Poster presentations
Triological Society
C140: Isolated Fracture of the Malleus: An Overlooked Cause of Conductive Hearing Loss? A Case Series and Systematic Review
Benjamin D. Lovin, MD1, Joshua Cody Page, MD1, Eric N. Appelbaum, MD2, Daniel Gorelik, BS3, Kenny F. Lin, MD3, Jeffrey T. Vrabec, MD3
The purpose of this study was to present the largest case series of isolated malleus fractures and review the literature regarding management of this form of conductive hearing loss. Won second place poster award
American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery
A091: Long-term Adverse Events Related to Bioabsorbable Nasal Implants
Daniel Gorelik, BS1, Caitlin Coviello, MD, MBA2, Dominique Paderin, BS3, Tariq Syed, MS1, Anthony E. Brissett, MD1
The purpose of our study is to describe long-term adverse events related to bioabsorbable nasal implant for nasal valve collapse.
American Rhinologic Society
B145: What questions do patients ask about posterior nasal nerve ablation for chronic rhinitis: An online search analysis.
Daniel Gorelik, BS,1 R. Kenneth Sims IV, BS,2 Samuel E. Razmi, BS,2 Masayoshi Takashima, MD,1 Nicholas R. Rowan, MD,3 Michael T. Yim, MD,4 Omar G. Ahmed, MD1
The purpose of the study was to explore the most common questions searched online regarding PNN ablation and the quality of available content.
B040: Disparities among patients seeking care for olfactory and taste dysfunction: A population-based study.
Daniel Gorelik, BS1, Tahsin Bari, BS2, Samuel E. Razmi, BS2, Ella Brissett3, Masayoshi Takashima, MD1, Tariq Nisar, MPH4, Nicholas R. Rowan, MD5, Murugappan Ramanathan Jr, MD5, Omar Ahmed, MD1
The purpose of the study was to evaluate potential disparities in regard to access to care among a nationally representative sample of individuals with taste or smell impairment. Having any college education was associated with a three times greater likelihood of speaking with a physician about taste/smell impairment compared to those with less than a 9th-grade education and males were half as likely to speak with a physician about taste/smell impairment.
B062: Identifying patients with chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) in Medicare claims.
Samuel E. Razmi, BS,1 Daniel Gorelik, BS,2 Summer Kramer, PharmD,3 Jayant M. Pinto, MD,4 Murugappan Ramanathan Jr, MD,5 Masayoshi Takashima, MD,2 Omar G. Ahmed, MD2
The objective of this study was to develop and validate a case definition for CRS using International Classification of Diseases-10 edition (ICD-10) code claims in Medicare claims.
American Laryngological Association
D061: Readability and Quality Assessment of Patient Education Materials from the American Laryngological Association
Daniel Gorelik, BS1, Karim W. Asi, MD2, Yin Yiu, MD1
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the readability and quality of patient education materials on the ALA website and provide areas for improving health literacy of educational content.
D051: Perceptions and Understanding of Transgender Patient Care: A Survey of Practicing Laryngologists
Megan Swonke, MD1, Ella Brissett2, Jeremy Barr, MD1, Adriana Ordonez, PhD3, Tariq Syed, MS4, Apurva Thekdi, MD4
The purpose of the study was to present data on 1) the current practice patterns, 2) the familiarity with, 3) the perception of, and 4) the future educational goals of transgender health care among laryngologists in the U.S.
American Broncho-Esophagological Association
E043: Outcomes for Covid-19 Patients Undergoing Tracheostomy with Or Without ECMO
Karim Asi, MD1, Daniel Gorelik, BS2, Tariq Syed, MS2, Adriana Ordonez, PhD3, Apurva Thekdi, MD2, Yin Yiu, MD2
The purpose of this study is to determine whether ECMO cannulation before tracheostomy impacted outcomes for patients with COVID-19-related ARDS.