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DECEMBER 2021 ENT Newsletter

A Letter from the Chair

Leading the Way in Education and Technology

Together we’ve climbed some steep mountains in health care, and this year was no exception. It’s remarkable to see the resilience of our medical community and the innovation that continues to move us forward. We’ve made huge strides in telemedicine that otherwise might’ve taken another five to 10 years to accomplish, and we’re seeing the benefits of new and emerging technology in Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery. The pandemic has been a disrupter that forced rapid adoption of technology-driven solutions in health care. From an education and technology standpoint, it’s important for an academic center like ours to take the lead on vetting new technologies, doing the research, and publishing peer-reviewed papers. This allows us to identify gaps and areas for improvement so we can find better solutions for the next iteration.
Mas Takashima, MD, FACS
With the support and resources of Houston Methodist’s Academic Office of Clinical Trials, we use research and data to better understand potential health care disrupters and stay ahead of potential challenges.
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Cochlear Implants: Expanding the Benefits for More Patients

While cochlear implants have been approved to treat severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss since the 1980s, recent advances in technology and implant design have not only made the devices more effective, but also increased the pool of device candidates.
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Physician Profile

Joshua Kain, MD, joined Houston Methodist ENT specialists as a head and neck reconstructive surgeon in August 2021. Kain has a passion for reconstruction after cancer or traumatic injuries, including specialization in microvascular tissue transplantation and grafting. He shows grit and tenacity in the ways he solves problems and works tirelessly for his patients.
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