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Innovative Education

A Whole New World

A VR platform takes state-of-the-art medical education virtually anywhere.

The Houston Methodist Institute for Technology, Innovation and Education (MITIE℠) has long been known as a hands-on clinical training hub for healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their procedural skills and acquire new expertise. Their new app, MITIEverse™, “Extends MITIE℠'s renowned hands-on education and training to a virtual audience,” said Stuart Corr, PhD, the inventor of the MITIEverse™ and Director of Innovation Systems Engineering at Houston Methodist. "This new app provides a community where anybody, anywhere, can plug in and get access to world class biomedical educational resources."
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The MITIEverse™ is a groundbreaking initiative in healthcare education, training and innovation for medical and scientific learners. Developed in collaboration with FundamentalVR, this app offers a wealth of resources and experiences.
Within the MITIEverse™, users gain access to hands-on practice opportunities, remote guidance from seasoned clinicians and more. The app immerses users in customizable showcase rooms, lifelike surgical simulations and lectures delivered by experts from Houston Methodist and partners worldwide. One of the standout features is the DeBakey Heart and Vascular Center's showcase room, where users can observe actual surgeries performed by Houston Methodist faculty and engage with 3D human models for a deeper understanding. Alan Lumsden, MD, Medical Director of Houston Methodist DeBakey Heart and Vascular Center, believes that the MITIEverse™ represents a paradigm shift in healthcare education and training, "It essentially democratizes access to healthcare educators and innovators by breaking down physical barriers. There’s no need to travel thousands of miles to attend a conference when you can patch into the MITIEverse™."
Stuart Corr, PhD
Users can expect to:
  • Interact with world-renowned surgeons and healthcare providers
  • Sit in a virtual auditorium where medical professionals from around the globe can deliver presentations to an unlimited live audience
  • Gain insights into complex surgical procedures through case study videos and anatomical 3D models
  • Participate in interactive hands-on training modules
  • Use virtual study spaces for collaborative learning with interactive models, whiteboards and other educational tools
  • Network with medical device and digital health companies to explore emerging technologies
This new app provides a community where anybody, anywhere, can plug in and get access to world class biomedical educational resources.
Stuart Corr, PhD
Inventor of the MITIEverse™ Director of Innovation Systems Engineering
The app is currently invitation-only as development continues. “We're focused on use-case development and publishing. One possibility under consideration is utilizing the app to train healthcare professionals to do intubations in difficult scenarios, using 3D modeling of various airway pathologies,” said Corr. Possibilities in the MITIEverse™ are endless and the app showcases Houston Methodist’s commitment to innovative education and exceptional medical care.
Heather Lander, PhD
October 2023
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